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Finally, you’re right here @Sanjugo! Welcome to the most loved boutique Sushi restaurant at central Shoreditch London! 

Sanjugo means 35 in Japanese - not only is it part of our address, but there is also a deeper meaning hidden within. San (叁=3), Ju (十=+), Go (伍=5), equals Eight, meaning "Fortune, Luck, Joy and Wealth" in East Asian Culture, which is the core vibe we would like to share with all of you. 

Here, you can experience the region’s best value Japanese sushi and sashimi; you can also taste the high-quality sake and whiskey in the newly opened Japanese bar upstairs. The bar also has a selection of fine liqueurs curated from across the globe. 


Here, you can pay less to have the best dedication from the experienced chefs who have spent many years honing their craft and creating dishes that not only taste delicious but also look amazing and could be considered art. The chefs had worked for some of the most famous sushi restaurants in London, including Harrods Sushi Bar, Sushisamba, Roka, Umu and Nobu before joining Sanjugo. 

Here, to our success, Sanjugo has expanded to include not just world-class sushi, but also Japanese Sake and Whiskey, both of which are featured in our new bar on the upper level. A great place to enjoy the highest quality of Japanese cuisine in the company of friends or alone, even parties!

Everyone is warmly welcomed, and we are looking forward to seeing you here @Sanjugo!

Sake & Whisky bar
  • Yamazaki


    Gentle elegant ginjo nose with hints of spices. And a delicately flavoured 
    palate followed by a clean finish.

    Goes well with Sushi and main dishes Teriyaki and tempura.



    Hibiki is world renowned Japanese blended whisky from Suntory which has won several awards from around the world. It is incredibly popular with our customers. We currently have in our collection Hibiki Harmony which is a melt of malts and grain whiskies that has then been ages in different casks. 
    In addition we also have Hibiki 12, Hibiki 17 and Hibiki 21. These have all been aged in umeshu (Japanese apricot liqueur) for their respective ages. 

  • mars IWAI


    Known for its rich and silky-smooth texture, Iwai is another collection of whisky which has garnered much attention. It was produced in the Mars Shinshu Distillery and named after Kichiro Iwai who was referred to by Bloomberg as "the silent pioneer of Japan whisky." The distillery is located in the north and south Japanese alps at about 800 meters in altitude. In our collection we have Iwai Tradition known for its ripe cherry and honey toffee with a beautiful ginger spice taste and a different Iwai Tradition with a Wine Cask Finish.



    Ichiro's Malt is a world-renowned whisky incredibly rare to get hold of. They have been created by Ichiro Akuto and is popular with whisky lovers worldwide. In our collection we have and not limited to Ichiro's Malt, Double Distillery and Mizunara Wood Reserve.


Staff were amazing and accommodated for a party of 15.
They put decorations up, and were great with Dietary requirements.
The food tasted incredible, and the price was good as well!
Thanks Sanjugo for making my birthday amazing.

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35 Scrutton Street,




Tel. 020-7613-3225

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