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Things to do in Shoreditch, beginning with sushi and ending with a party! 

Updated: May 23, 2022

Shoreditch is a hub for creatives, but now sushi has come into the equation. You see, if you search "sushi near me" or "best sushi in Shoreditch" we claim the number 1 spot! We've been setting trends since 2016 and anchored the top spot, however, we've also been referred to as London's best sushi restaurant. 

So what's the big fuss? 

Well, it begins with our food and ends with the service. Not only is our sushi lush, but our sashimi is divine. In addition, our Japanese Fried Chicken (otherwise known as Chicken Karaage) is so succulent, juicy and crispy, but let's not get started on our Nasu Dengaku (Grilled Aubergine) as it will most certainly take your taste buds on an adventure. Whereas our Hiramasa salad has a narrative of its own, with thin-sliced fish, ponzu white truffle oil, and marinated salmon roe all playing their part.

We can continue boasting about how good our food is, however, our service is alike. You see, the majority of our google reviews begin with compliments on our food and always end with our service. Being a small business, our staff is our family, as we work together, eat together, and laugh together. Hence why this bond translates into the service, and likewise food from our kitchen staff. To conclude - our food is poetic, and our service is a melody we compose, daily.

But what comes after Sanjugo? 

Well, the answer is many. There are a number of cool bars such as The Curtain, Queen of Hoxton, Boundary and Aviary, some of which offer beautiful rooftop experiences. Aviary in particular has breathtaking views, a must-visit if in Shoreditch! Yet there are other notables such as Blues Kitchen Shoreditch, NightJar London, and Hoxton Shoreditch Hotel. 

If you are not a big drinker, then perhaps you may want to go to the Book Club, well known for its creative events. Otherwise, you can play ping-pong at Bounce, and believe me it can get really addictive. But if you want to finish the night in style and go clubbing, then XOYO, Cargo, Trafik, and Sunset Bar are great options.

There you go, from sushi to parties - your weekend will never be the same! 

On another note, follow us on:

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Thank you for your Eyes :)

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