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The Taste of Tokyo in Shoreditch, London

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Nestled in the streets of Shoreditch, is a haven of fine Japanese cuisine - SANJUGO. The Orange paint exterior will certainly confirm that you have reached our doors, and upon entering, the Japanese interior makes you think that you stepped in a Tokyo restaurant.

The aim of SANJUGO has, and always been to bring the taste of Japan to London. Each morning, the fish van delivers fresh salmon, hiramasa, prawns, and everything seafood. Then the chefs prep for the day, whilst I'm upstairs thinking of a marketing campaign. You see, Sanjugo cares, really cares.

The secret ingredient to our success thus far, has been delighting your taste-buds. When we receive positive google reviews (with a 4.8 average rating from a total of 1,193) it really inspires us to keep going. We thrive on customer feedback, and have an appetite of providing an exceptional service, aligned with quality food. In short, the Sanjugo ethos is seasoned with quality and service, but also well-being.

Well-being might raise your eyebrows, but it was recently announced that the oldest person in the world today, lives in Japan. You can guess the diet she's been on, surely sushi and sashimi. We are heading towards an informative world, where everything is at your finger tips, and the truth is truly out there. This means people have become more conscious, and the most informative foodies are Vegans, however they even have high praise for Japanese cuisine, making it one of the most healthiest diets.

On another note, I've always been a big fan of quotes, and started writing them on my twitter feed with passion. Quotes like, "you're the Hero of your story, so make it Amazing" ended up being printed on a Sanjugo bookmark given to our takeaway customers. We really want to push mindfood (as I like to call it) and take our customers on spiritual journeys via our food.

Lookout for many more quotes in the near future. Remember, knowledge scares people, but never be afraid of constant learning.

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