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What is the difference between Sushi & Sashimi?

This question must give people sleepless nights, as the majority think sashimi is sushi. This is not the case, sashimi in Japanese means “pierced fish” whereas sushi means “it is sour” due to the vinegar rice. So let’s break it down: from the looks of it Sushi is often layered underneath with Nigiri rice, Sashimi on the other hand is slices of fish - literally. But how do they taste? To me, sushi is lush, but sashimi is divine - as it has different stages of flavours and takes your taste-buds on a celestial journey. Both sushi and sashimi will ignite your appetite, but more importantly the health benefits are endless - omega 3 acids, B Vitamins, rich in Selenium and Potassium, and finally Astaxanthin (google it, we had to). On another note, I work in marketing here at Sanjugo, and my shift starts at 10:30am. I’m often greeted by the fisherman delivering fresh fish daily. So you can sense the emphasis we have on high quality fresh fish! Lastly, we have officially entered the Year of the Tiger, and to celebrate we have launched our very own Tiger sushi - come by and delight your taste-buds.

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