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Sanjugo Shoreditch - a Hidden Gem

If your taste-buds could speak, they would tell you the directions to Sanjugo Shoreditch. The greatest things in life are hard to find, but there was a reason why we chose 35 Scrutton Street. 3 plus 5 equals 8, which in Asian culture means luck, fortune and success. In short, our aim is to transfer that luck/success via our food. I mean, when you step in, you won’t want to step out - the food is that good!

You see, we aim to impress your taste-buds every time, from our irresistible sushi, to lush sashimi, all the way to our Japanese Fried Chicken (a customer favourite). However, as much as we take great pride in making good food, we also have a high emphasis on the service we offer and our 4.8 Google Average Rating (from 1,195 customers) speaks volumes.

So go on, delight your appetite, indulge, and relish the Sanjugo experience. Plus lookout for monthly campaigns such as the £10 voucher printed straight from the Bank of Sanjugo, we may just bring it back depending on customer feedback - comment below.

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